What to Do When You Find Pests in Your Home

Whether it’s mice, roaches or rats, no one likes finding a critter from the outside living in their attic, basement or walls. Their presence – from annoying to bad for your health – can indicate something is attracting them to your home. In some instances, that could be easily accessible food. In others, your attic…

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3 Tips for Effective and Safe Snow Removal

The season’s first snowfall in Connecticut has long come and gone but, as many residents know, you should expect a few more major storms before spring. For most of us, snow removal becomes par for the course. Yet, the time it takes to shovel and the soreness you experience afterward make you procrastinate for as…

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Home Safety Tips for the Holidays

Getting ready for the holidays often means putting up decorations, trekking through snow, making trips to the store and long drives to visit family. Between Thanksgiving and the New Year, your home is susceptible to various safety hazards. To get through the season, consider the following issues. Decorations They look pretty – but extension cords,…

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What Are Ice Dams and How Do You Handle Them?

As winter unfolds, your Connecticut home could contend with a serious issue: An ice dam forming on the edge of your roof. Not to be confused with ordinary icicles, ice dams form when a wall of ice accumulates at your roof’s base, usually by the gutters or soffit. Its presence prevents melted snow from fully…

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Spring 2017 Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring 2017 arrived on March 20th and after a winter of winds, snow and ice wreaking havoc on your home, your property likely needs some maintenance. With your busy schedule, what’s essential and where do you begin the process? Start with this basic checklist. 1. Roof Repair Did a leak form in your roof during…

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