Must-Do Summer Home Improvement Projects

Warmer seasons are the prime time to complete your various home improvement projects. Snow in the winter prevents you from seeing debris that may be around your grounds or clinging to your siding. The absence of slippery surfaces in the summer allows you to get certain crucial projects out of the way without having to worry…

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How to Insulate Your Windows for Winter

It’s cold outside, but the inside of your home shouldn’t be. Yet, even modern, dual-pane windows with an energy-efficient glaze might still let air in, driving up your electricity bills. Because you want to save your money and avoid dealing with the cold, insulating your windows this time of year is essential. Consider these strategies:…

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Tips for Traditional Interior Décor

If you are buying a new home in Connecticut, chances are you will want to decorate it in a style that invokes the unique character of New England. Traditional décor is becoming popular once again as homeowners are passing on the plastic piece together furnishings for more durable and stylish hardwood tables, chairs, cabinets and…

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Great Home Additions for Fall

When the weather starts to get cool in Connecticut, most of us think of moving inside. Gone are the lazy summer days by the pool and the warm nights by the grill. However, with the right additions to your home you can make the autumn season a delightful one, even when outdoors. Here are a…

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Preparing Connecticut Homes for Autumn

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, it is time to start thinking about the fall season. In Connecticut we are sometimes blessed with an Indian summer that can see warm temperatures into October or we can start to get chills in early September. It’s very hard to predict and the best way to…

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