Blending Contemporary with Traditional

Today there are many homeowners who want the look of a traditional home but without having to sacrifice the convenience of modern technology and appliances. People who buy into older homes often find the maintenance and upkeep too much of an economic burden and wish there was a comfortable balance between the two. The desire…

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The Importance of Design Flexibility

Today, new homes have to be built with flexible designs. In the past, many aspired to the nuclear family model and this meant homes that were almost identical. However, the trend today is for individuality and this can be seen first and foremost in the custom homes people are choosing. Discerning homeowners want a home…

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Tips for Landscape Beginners

Let’s say you just purchased a new custom home in one of the luxury By Carrier communities. Congratulations, you’ve finally settled into the home of your dreams. And while the home will have everything you’ve always wanted, there will definitely be some areas you will want to work on in the future to get everything…

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Décor Tips for Contemporary Homes

Decorating your home in a contemporary style can create a warm and inviting atmosphere with a touch of sophistication. Contemporary décor incorporates design trends from the second half of the 20th century. Contemporary homes are decorated with both neutral and bold colors. Furniture has softened and rounded lines, and the design incorporates open spaces and…

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Using Kitchen Islands

When you are planning the kitchen in a custom home in Connecticut there are many details you want to pay attention to. From having energy efficient appliances and plenty of room to maneuver to decorative lighting and windows you will have plenty on your mind. One thing that can make your kitchen more functional, significantly…

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