Tips to Add Storage to Your Floor Plan

When the buyers are part of the design and build of their home, it’s much easier to accommodate what’s needed. If your family is like most, you have collected a lot of “stuff” over the years but have no place to put it! One of the most underestimated considerations when customizing a home is storage…

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Understanding the Process of Custom Homebuilding

As a potential homebuyer, you’ve likely assessed dozen of homes already on the market. In the process, you discover they don’t quite fit your needs in terms of features, layout and energy efficiency. After doing some research, you find that having a custom home built would resolve many of your concerns. Between designing and building…

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Home Design Trends for 2017

Looking to make your custom home more modern, either after its creation or early in the design phase? In 2017, consider some of these home design trends for a more up-to-date appearance. Matte Finishes Shiny, gleaming surfaces draw attention, according to interior design experts. One way to cut down on distractions is to select and…

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Blending Contemporary with Traditional

Today there are many homeowners who want the look of a traditional home but without having to sacrifice the convenience of modern technology and appliances. People who buy into older homes often find the maintenance and upkeep too much of an economic burden and wish there was a comfortable balance between the two. The desire…

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The Importance of Design Flexibility

Today, new homes have to be built with flexible designs. In the past, many aspired to the nuclear family model and this meant homes that were almost identical. However, the trend today is for individuality and this can be seen first and foremost in the custom homes people are choosing. Discerning homeowners want a home…

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