4 Must-Have Kitchen Features

During the pandemic, many families have been spending more time in their kitchens. Rather than going out to eat, meals are being cooked from home or ordered to-go from favorite local restaurants. However, some homeowners don’t have a kitchen that’s well-equipped for this task. Here are some kitchen must-haves we incorporate into our By Carrier…

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Tips for a Beautiful Landscape

When you pull into your driveway, what’s the first thing you notice about your property? The landscaping! The grounds are what stand out, whether the lawn is beautifully manicured or needs repairs. If you’re looking to improve your home’s look this spring, start with the yard. Whether you enjoy do-it-yourself projects or have a professional…

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Interior Design Tips For a New Home

For a house to truly feel like home, the decor should express your unique style. Whether you’re moving into a brand-new house or buying lived-in property, create living spaces that are comfortable and make you feel at home. When it comes to the decor planning, keep these tips in mind. A New Beginning A new…

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Do Home Additions Always Add Value?

Many homeowners are keen on adding value to their property. Whether it’s a yard or interior room upgrade, certain additions may very well increase the value of a home, while others may not pay off. Before you apply for a home equity loan or pull from your savings account, consider the return on investment of…

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Planning a Kitchen Renovation

Whether your kitchen has outdated features or you simply want to create a new atmosphere, it’s important to think through the project. Like many home improvements, renovating a kitchen will take time and money so you don’t want to rush it. Considering how often the kitchen is used, it needs to be comfortable and functional….

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