family playing gameIn response to the global Coronavirus pandemic, Connecticut schools and many businesses are closed. Families are quarantined at home, some struggling to balance distance learning for the kids, while working remotely. The current situation has caused many people to worry, but there are healthy ways for families to cope together.

Prior to these unprecedented circumstances, many of us led busy lifestyles that cut into quality time spent at home. Now that COVID-19 has altered schedules and canceled events, families have the opportunity to slow down.

Here are a few ideas to reconnect with loved ones.

Have a Movie Night

Streaming services like Netflix offer a huge selection of movies and TV shows for families. While we shouldn’t sit on the couch all day binge-watching, now is the perfect time to catch up on the entertainment everyone has been talking about.

To encourage conversation, give everyone a chance to pick what the group watches, then have a discussion about it afterward. Documentaries and movies about historical or current events are an opportunity to learn and have everyone to share their insights.

Exercise Together

Being stuck at home can cause cabin fever. One way to combat boredom and improve mood is getting regular exercise. You don’t need to have a home gym to keep the family fit!

Now that spring is here, get outside when the weather is warm. Take a jog or bike ride around the neighborhood, while keeping a safe distance from others.

Play Board Games

In the digital age, many people use video game consoles or mobile apps for entertainment. Yet, the average American spends nearly six hours per day on a smartphone!

During quarantine, bring back traditional board games. Monopoly, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit and other classics are not only fun, but provide a different way for families to bond.

Stay In Touch

While many of us are quarantined with closed family members or a significant other, don’t forget to stay in touch with friends and extended family. The older population may be feeling particularly isolated, so make the time for regular phone or video calls.
As a family business, the team at By Carrier understands the importance of spending time with loved ones! During these uncertain times, focus on your health; we’ll get through this together.

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