If you are in the market for a new home in Connecticut it pays to consider living in a planned community. While older neighborhoods have their charm and secluded homes offer desired privacy, master planned communities are becoming more popular for active adults and couples looking to start a family due to all-inclusive living, safety and convenience.

Unlike neighborhoods that grow haphazardly over time with new additions, planned communities are designed well in advance and this means everything is spaced properly to avoid overcrowding and property disputes. Planned communities also have the benefit of community areas such as gardens, greens and scenic trails that can’t be found in ordinary neighborhoods.

The custom homes that comprise planned communities are designed with the big picture in mind which means you won’t find an old-fashioned log cabin next to a modern glass condo. This may seem like a trifle matter but fitting in to the community is important for many homeowners and with a planned community you can count on a unique home that suits your needs and also fits in with the theme and ambiance of the community.

Lastly, planned communities in Connecticut offer residents both the privacy to call their own as well as the opportunity to interact with neighbors when you wish. Some neighborhoods and apartment complexes make one feel they are living too close to their neighbors and have little space to enjoy. Planned communities solve this problem by designing neighborhoods that have plenty of space for homeowners to stretch out and breathe without feeling like they are infringing on their neighbors.

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