smart homeEnergy-efficient homes – properties that conserve electricity, heat and water consumption without compromising the homeowner’s comfort – are now being seen as less of a luxury and more of a necessity. While these properties often cost more than the average home, the energy savings make up the difference in the long run. As you’re shopping around for a new house, consider these advantages.

Better for the Environment

When we think about reducing our carbon footprint, many of us aim to use a cleaner energy source, reduce gas consumption and purchase more sustainable products. Did you know that 16 percent of all greenhouse gases produced in the United States come from residential dwellings? Overall, an energy-efficient home can further help to reduce your carbon footprint.

For this reason, newer properties are trending towards improved energy efficiency. To determine if a home conserves enough energy, look for its Home Energy Rating System (HERS), a score calculated by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) that measures its performance. This nationally recognized system generally scores older, resale homes at 130 and newer ones at 100, 30-percent more energy-efficient.

Lower Costs

Initially, energy-efficient homes can cost about 10-percent more than the average, standard home. Although this amount may deter many homebuyers, you need to also factor in the long-term costs.

Generally, the features of most energy-efficient homes result in a property that is more economical years down the road. With these improvements, it’s estimated that:

  • Heating bills decrease about 50 percent.
  • Total home energy usage declines about 60 percent.
  • The additional cost of construction pays for itself within five to eight years.

Improved Comfort and Safety

Because energy-efficient homes can help control heating and cooling naturally, your property tends to perform better during natural disasters and blackouts. Outside of extreme instances, these abilities – which could be based on solar power, reduced energy consumption and design elements that hold onto heat in the winter and block it out in summer – ultimately keep you comfortable with less effort.

Higher Resale Value

Older, less-efficient homes have seen their resale values plummet. Furthermore, savvy buyers have started to realize that such improvements, including extra solar panels and low-E replacement windows, end up adding to the property’s total costs with time. As a result of demand, energy-efficient homes are predicted to have higher resale values, potentially increasing your initial investment.

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