When you invest in property, you continually make improvements during your time of ownership. Yet for homeowners, not all additions contribute to the resale value. Whether internal or external, some improvements make your home harder to sell down the line.

To make your home more comfortable for your needs and increase the chances of a higher future resell, consider the following improvements.

Energy Efficiency

When you remodel a room in your home, energy efficient products are appealing to the modern buyer. From bathroom and kitchen appliances to the windows and insulation, any way you can lower utility costs, the better!

To make the whole house more energy-conscious, a programmable thermostat offers more control over the use of heating and cooling systems.

Outdoor Living Spaces

In recent years, outdoor entertaining has become more popular in neighborhoods. While some exterior projects are best avoided – for instance, in-ground swimming pools – others are the perfect addition to increase the value of your property.

A well-constructed, spacious deck with room for patio furniture, deluxe grill sets and fire tables creates a brand-new living area on your property. Many prospective buyers will find the appeal in a backyard space to relax and entertain guests.

Additional Bathrooms

Families in the market for a new home often seek multiple bathrooms. As such, one and a half baths likely won’t attract them to your house. If you can afford to make this addition to your home, it can be a valuable investment. Otherwise, renovating an existing space to be more energy efficient and modern looking can also be impactful.
When considering new home additions, make smart and affordable choices. Glamorous add-ons may look nice, but don’t always appeal to prospective buyers. To get started on your home addition, work with By Carrier today!

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