pressure washing deckIt can be challenging to improve the visual appearance of your home, especially in winter when snow and ice wreak havoc. Yet improving curb appeal could be just what you need to switch the “for sale” sign to sold!

Here are a few ways you can spruce up the outside of your property to attract potential homebuyers.

Make Your Porch Pop

There are many ways to make your porch stand out among other homes. The easiest way is to add color to your front door! Think bold and bright to grab attention. Also consider a seasonal wreath and new doorknobs to complete the look.

Potted plants or trees on the front steps can give your home a more friendly and appealing look. These can be switched out depending on the season, along with a cute doormat to welcome interested buyers. Line the entryway with plastic planters to keep costs down!

Add Some Light

Lighting can make your home look inviting from day until night. A simple change like updating old light fixtures to more functional, modern ones can make a huge difference!

There are also ways to add light without needing electrical experience. Solar lanterns and lawn lights are popular and can help light the way to your home’s entrance. Proper lighting can give buyers a sense of safety and security.

Get Rid of Junk

Make sure your front yard, patio and driveaway are free of junk and debris. Toys and tools should be stored away and fallen sticks or leaves cleared away. Take time to clean your gutters, weed the garden or bring unnecessary items to the dump. A yard that has a clean and fresh look can make a big difference when it comes to impressing buyers.

Clean and Pressure Wash

Give your home’s exterior a refreshed look by pressure washing the driveway, gutters, siding and fences. You can also pressure wash the garage and apply a fresh coat of paint!

Further consider an asphalt driveway, which is easier to maintain and less likely to crack. If you already have asphalt, have it repaved for a smoother look.
The housing market is competitive; are you ready to sell your home? Contact the experts at By Carrier for more tips and tricks!

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