blog-cleanSpring is only a month away. When the seasons change, there often comes a need to spruce up your home; washing away the dirt from a long winter, discarding old items and other touch-ups.

Think this project seems like an insurmountable task? Start with these tips:

  1. Work from the top down: Cleaning experts say you should begin with the attic and then make your way to the ground floor.
  2. Don’t consider it a one-day, one-person project. Getting through everything and doing it well requires multiple people working over a couple days. Some recommend starting with dusting and tidying, and allotting another day for washing and vacuuming.
  3. Don’t forget about your garage or shed. Older items tend to accumulate in those spaces, but you can maximize space by donating or throwing away what you no longer use.
  4. Clean the window areas, including washing the glass and dry cleaning the curtains. Be sure to remove any hooks before you do this.
  5. Deep clean your carpets, rather than just vacuuming.
  6. Flip your mattresses.
  7. Wash all sheets, pillows, and loose upholstery.
  8. For all light fixtures, turn them off, remove the bulbs, and then clean all removable parts.
  9. Does your home include stainless steel fixtures? Clean them, too, but make sure to avoid abrasive pads and oil-based cleansers.
  10. If a strange odor or stain has developed, now’s the time to get rid of it, with a spot cleaner, wet/dry vacuum, or homemade vinegar solution.
  11. Touch up your walls, including cleaning off any dirt and repainting worn spots.
  12. If your home has tile, clean it off with a pH neutral cleaner.
  13. For wood floors, make sure to wash and polish them.

If you are looking to sell your home, it is especially important to follow these tips to make your home more presentable once it’s on the market. Are you in the search for a new home? Consider By Carrier’s custom properties, available in a range of sizes and types in Central Connecticut. To learn more, give us a call today.

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